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Welcome we are Peacehaven Golf & Fitness, a 9 hole challenging golf course, with a inviting club house, a gym, bar, food & function facilites for all occasions. Discover an elegant club with a warm & friendly ambience ! Golf Health and Safety Important Information Here are Peacehaven Golf Club we take the Health and Safety of our members, visitors, and staff very seriously. We have put this information together, so everyone is aware of the main hazards and control measures we have here at Peacehaven. Before signing in you are required to read through the information below and sign to say that you have been informed and understand the risks. ACCIDENT/EMERGENCY PROCEDURES In the event of an accident that requires the emergency services, playing partners should contact the emergency services on their mobile phone(s) if they have one; if not, they should inform the club house by whatever means is available to them, for staff to contact emergency services. FIRST AID ASSISTANCE In the event of an accident, first aid boxes are located in: The Clubhouse, Kitchen and The Greenkeepers Shed. FOOT-WEAR All players are expected to wear golf shoes when playing. Trainers are not allowed. The type of golf shoe is up to the individual; however, it is advisable to take into account the conditions under foot when considering what type of shoe to wear. For guidance, players are advised to wear metal spikes in the winter or during prolonged periods of wet conditions and/or soft spikes or dimpled shoes in the summer. BEING STRUCK BY A GOLF BALL All players are expected to observe correct golfing etiquette in order to minimise the risk of being struck by another player’s ball, this includes: • Not standing any further forward than the Tee Markers in play when players are teeing off. • Player furthest away plays first and playing partners should not encroach in front of the player until he/she has played their shot. • Do not play a shot if the players in front are in range. • ALWAYS shout FORE if your ball is headed in the direction of other players in range on adjacent holes. SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS As with most golf courses, Stone Golf Course is not perfectly flat, there are undulations, slopes and trip hazards throughout the course, including holes made by burrowing animals. All players must take care while walking the course, be aware of these hazards, look where you are walking, and try and stick to the designated pathways as much as possible (See individual Hole risk assessments for specific hazards). LIGHTNING In the event of Lightning close to the course, one long blast on the air horn will be sounded to instruct everyone to leave the course. This is a mandatory instruction, and all players MUST cease playing and leave the course by the shortest, safest route. Where there is insufficient time to evacuate the course (due to the suddenness of the lightning threat) the following safety precautions are to be observed: • Do not shelter under trees or go to high ground. • Leave your golf equipment where it is and stand away from it. • DO NOT put an umbrella up in any circumstances. • Keep as low as possible; ideally crouch down in the nearest bunker/hollow. • Do not use a mobile phone – make sure it is turned off. As the course covers a large acreage of land, the fact that the course has not been officially closed does not mean that it is necessarily safe to continue play. Players must be aware of their surroundings and the proximity of any lightning in the area; if they do not feel safe, they should cease play and walk in. Golf Course Hazards Hole 1 – Steep Slopes and a bunker Hole 2 – Ditch/water hazard, bridge crossing points and bunkers Hole 3 – Small dew ponds (dries out in summer months), steep slopes, small drainage ditches surround part of fairway, public footpath at back right of green Hole 4 – Steep slopes and bunkers Hole 5 – Blind tee shot and bunkers Hole 6 – Steep slopes and bunkers Hole 7 – Bunkers and small drainage ditch to left of fairway Hole 8 – Restricted view tee shot, Ditch/water hazard, bridge crossing points and bunkers Hole 9 – Steep slopes and bunkers The above hazards identified is by no means an exhaustive list and all members and visitors must be aware of their responsibility for their own safety and well being as well as the safety of others using the course, including grounds maintenance staff.