Book Tee Times Online at Allendale Golf Club

Welcome to paradise, welcome to Allendale Golf Club – the home of Golf in the Wild. The Allendale course is tucked away in the hills of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and must therefore be discreet. The road south out of Allendale winds up the Allen Valley along the B6295 towards Allenheads, following the course of the East Allen River. A mile or so south of the town, as the road breaks free from overhanging trees, a sharp left turn is signposted to the club. The clubhouse sits at 1077 feet above sea level on the west facing side of Green Hill which peaks at 1374 feet. This high terrain, rising above 500 metres, frames the course to the south and west and dominates first impressions. “This course is a great antidote to every new 7,000-yard course being designed for slam-bang hitters – and with the scenery, it’s a perfect place to come and play golf.” John Harrison – coach to Ken Ferrie You are left in no doubt that you have reached a vast and empty landscape. If you are lucky – there will be a soft breeze and the turbine will spin gently against a deep blue sky. Sheep will be grazing on the fells; the lonesome call of the curlew will fill the silent air; a hare will be seen scurrying down the first; the high moors will be lit by a clean bright light and your heart will lift. This is surely golf heaven.